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The Sorta Blog of Wonderlanders
So lookingforaformidableoak (left, Mae) and foolspikmin (right, Pyrite) are a sibling duo. Offspring of the dreaded (but really goofy and dorky) Plasm Wraith.
While Mae is kiiiinda dead (both character-wise as in she was kinda, erm killed, and temporarily blog wise due to an unfortunate tumblr glitch that doesn’t give her notifications), she produces very cute art! Her interpretation of the Plasm Wraith is a funny fellow, though he is OBSESSED with Olimar and can still go crazy. Mae herself is a really sweet being which is produced by the also sweet mun! For now you could also check out koppaii, which is the mun’s blog!
As for Pyrite…he reblogs a lot of Pikmin stuff. And is a tad perverted, violent, and shipping obsessed to a degree. He can bring a chuckle out of those who can handle his sorta awkward sense of humor. Unfortunately he doesn’t really produce much original content and often asks for questions and rps so erm, follow at your own risk? But maybe he’ll improve with time and experience.
This is an ask/rp blog (primarily rp) that features two fan characters for the Pikmin series! But they are open to any universe! It’s quite an interesting concept to see a mime and a boxer on the same blog! This is one of them “somewhat contrasting personalities that mesh well together” blogs and that’s pretty nice! If you don’t mind some risque (but not nsfw) stuff here and there with headcanon posts, then check this blog out!

((Allo! Mun here, and well, there hasn’t been a lot updates here. I haven’t been getting a lot of new asks and there’s college work to be done too. This blog is run by one person, even if I say we, but the we is for the sake of the fact that there are two characters on the blog. But that isn’t what this post is about!

I would like to announce that I’m gonna be doing a small thing called “promotion doodles”! Where I doodle some blog that I really like or think would appreciate some attention! (please don’t beg for them.) I’ll include a few words about them and maybe you guys could check them out!

The first one is coming up real soon, but nya-nya-wan is often open to any questions and comments!

I’m gonna get back to doodling but please, have a pleasant day! YO HO HO))

"O-Oh hi H-H-Harley-san, I-I’m just b-building some things…th-that’s all."
((Ze question is from harleyanewchange!))


(( Daisy and Ike is Pom and Shibe, no one can tell me any different. ))


((Yep, can’t disagree there.))

"…We found this odd doll at a rummage sale recently. Well, more like Kailani did. She really liked it, and well we kinda had to take it due to her drooling on it. At least she got a new friend?"
Tasha’s Bbys, I mean Babies.
Kailani’s a tad older here, because she’s most likely to meet Vennie (eden-philosopher) when she’s able to walk. …or maybe this is just a pic of the two sisters being together and being close pals.
The exquisite-idealist loves them both dearly, ya know?
Give me a name and I’ll have my muse explain their relationship with said person.

Red: red-man-of-mustache asked for Momo’s opinion of him! …Wait, Momo, ya met Mario!?

Momotaro: Y-Yeah, I-I did!

W-Well, I-I heard of Mario-sama when I was a-a bit younger…a-and hearing a-about his tales of s-saving many lands just a-amazes me! A-And he does so, s-so much too, l-like tennis, racing in miniature cars, a-and batting of balls!

S-So, I-I can say h-he’s one of the people I-I look up to…s-so running i-into him on the streets was, w-well p-pretty amazing! H-He’s really kind a-and brave like the legends say! I-I still get the j-jitters when t-talking to him…b-but we’re just n-new friends…I-I feel honored t-to know him b-but at the same time, i-it’s quite d-d-daunting too, s-since he’s v-very, very famous. I-I don’t know if I-I’m worth knowing s-since I-I’m just a p-peach boy…


Give me a name and I’ll have my muse explain their relationship with said person.

harleyanewchange asked for our opinion of her! Oh and Momo’s the one doing the doodles for these posts. The mun has kinda been in a computer drawing slump…whatever that means.


Well, Harley, that girl did kinda tick me off, but only once. At the time I didn’t want ta be only known as “dat pregnant lady”. I do have other qualities!

But we’re on good terms now! She makes me laugh whenever we talk on da phone, and sometimes I end up goin’ to her place ta keep it from burnin’ down. Only for a bit though, I still gotta keep track of my place and Kailani. Thank goodness for Alice, Snow, ‘n Momo for being emergency babysitters!

Maybe someday I can teach ‘er how ta cook…without burning anythin’ too much. I know I used ta do that in my youth so she can learn too.

She’s typically a perky person, but when she’s down, I feel really bad for ‘er. Well if she needs ta hide from whatever shenanigans happen in New York, my door’s open man.


Umm…well Harley-san likes to keep in touch with me…s-so I-I guess she thinks of me as a friend…and I-I do too! She’s n-nice…a-and likes t-to take me o-out to places once in a-a while…Though, I-I really get this feeling that she w-wants to hug me…b-but holds herself back from doing so…which is nice of h-her since hugs s-s-scare me…well those that are from strangerrs…ummm…m-maybe h-hugging her wouldn’t b-be s-s-so bad…I-I have known her f-for awhile…