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Quick question for our followers!

Since a chunk of y’all are rpers, should we post rp openers here? We won’t really show off the rest of the rps here because we’re mainly an ask blog. Where those replies from our end go? Well to our RP blog, panickinginwonderland! But since most of our followers are here, I just need ta know if any of ya want ta rp with us. If y’all want ta keep the rp posts over on the rp blog or not, just reply here! (or send us a message!)

So let me repeat the question to get this tumblr mechanic workin’,

Should rp openers be posted here?

nya-nya-wan sent: ((!? for Momo!))


!?- for an excited text


[TXT] Momo! I found the most wonderful cupcake shop ever! You should totally come with me to eat some! They are delicious! They also have bubble tea! Have you had bubble tea before!? You have to try it if not! Seriously, I’ll take you someday!!

[TXT] Ththtat sounds greate Harlyesan! Wee can go tryy these foods together! I did have bbobble tea but hhanging out is good!

So what happened later was a trip to the bolba tea shop Harley was talking about. They both got their own orders, but unfortunately on the way out, Harley tripped and lost her tea.

Although his serving was small, Momotaro offered to share his drink with Harley. Both were a bit hesitant at the idea, especially Harley who was very flustered. Momotaro felt something was a bit strange about the situation like they were being watched. But the girl didn’t want to keep all the tea to herself so they used two straws to share.


Harley’s family was right in the bushes nearby.

terrapinwin sent: ?- for a confused text


//Oh heeeeeeck no. She’s getting more than one of these.

[TXT] Kayla? I’m trying to make this like your recipe claims, but I don’t understand this ‘folding” thing. This isn’t laundry!

[TXT] Okay, I just mixed it together. Also, that little thing of yeast didn’t seem like enough. The dough didn’t look as fluffy as yours. So I added more.

[TXT] Wait, I see, I had to wait a little while for it to rise. What is this, the night of the living dead?


[TXT]  IT IS STILL RISING. I’m just going to stick it in the oven before it becomes the marshmallow man!!

[TXT] It’s spilling over!! It’s leaking through the rack, it’s burning and smells awful!! 




"Dangnabbit Harley, that’s the 2nd time this month!"

"I-I’ve been having weird dreams *cough*…including one that had a p-pink haired girl popping up from the floor! *cough cough* Sh-she wasn’t Aoi-chan…wh-who is she? *cough*"
((Based off of this Tomodachi Life dream, which had oddly included thehungrybotanist. Style is an attempt at the Dream Team motif!))
Tasha (exquisite-idealist) is a gal who would totally fit the bill for a cheerleader! Well at least she and Red agrees that Momo should be less scared of everything. But we admire that she still remains awesome regardless of what is thrown her way.
"I got to try painting a bit r-recently…so I decided to draw the little flowers I grew a few weeks ago…th-they did seem simple enough…sometimes I hear them making little noises…d-do they want me to pluck them out?"