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The Sorta Blog of Wonderlanders
Momotaro is quite skilled at UFO catchers. Oftentimes his winnings goes to random folks, especially those who seem to be in need of a cheer.
Unfortunately he might’ve doomed himself to some stalking this time, considering this particular mime (from the-hocotatian-rejects).
((ooc: Quick pic to celebrate we somehow amassed about 107 followers despite being a blog about two dorks from an obscure game (and that I’m working on more work-intensive pieces). The doodle doesn’t feature everybody but I do hope to figure out a proper way to thank you all! Even if all of you don’t send messages to here, it’s quite an honor to know that you considered following this blog!))
Dorks in Disneyland FEAT. Momotaro and Chris (thehocotatianengineer)

Happy belated birthday Red! I hope you enjoy my bundle of gifts!

"I’m fine Pit, the house is fine! Just got a gift from a friend that’s all!"
Let’s Get Fluffy!


☮ - Our muses cuddle up on a couch with warm blankets and popcorn.

✿ - My muse is taking care of your muse who is ill.  

☯ - Our muses are trying on goofy glasses and hats at a novelty store.

♥ - Your muse went in for a kiss but missed and is now flustered.

✌ - Your muse is looking for an article of clothing which my muse has taken.

❤ - It was raining and our muses are soaked before getting home.

❥ - A snowball fight turns into a mini-wrestling match.

Some genderflip AU. While Male!Red is still trucking on hyperness, Female!Momo is not quite as openly emotional as her male counterpart…although she still has plenty of shy and timid moments.
odokoko sent: Happy Birthday Red!

"Thanks dudette."

"I should really start making some tiny meals in case any of y’all are hungry when ya stop by! …Though what the heck do gooey folk eat?"
This message has been sent in by the gooey folks of lookingforaformidableoak!
"Ey, if ya see a guy ‘round your size named Chris, tell ‘im I said hi!”
This birthday message has been brought to you by frozenpikminparty!